Using Protection

How to Protect & Enhance Positive Energy

Intention, Intention, Intention

Your state of mind and what you are trying to put into the world matters! If you are looking to clean a space, protect yourself or bring forth positive energy, things like anger, fear, and sadness can derail intention. Have a clear mind, positive intentions and the right tools to begin your work!

Cleansing a Space

While using your protection tools, Stearnly say: I command all negative, evil or low vibrational energy to leave this space immediately! I only accept positivity and light. Positve energy fill the empty space with light, love and positivity.

Protective Language

Stearnly Say: I call in loving protection from light, my spirit guides, my ancestors and angels. Please form a shield of positivity and light around me to guard against hate, worry, apathy and evil. 

Positive Greetings

Calmly Say: We are here to acknowledge your existance and mean no harm. We wish to only connect to positive energy and will not accept negativity. We encourage you to show a sign, speak or make yourself known.

Cleansing & Protection Tools

Smudge Sticks

Did you know that smudge sticks have multiple types and qualities to expect? Knowing the difference and matching intention is huge! Not all smudge sticks are created equal. The type you choose can mean the difference from spiritual protection to the potential for things to go awry without proper knowledge. Research is key! To simplify things here is our top two suggestions!

Red Sage

Red Sage is where its at! While white sage is easier to find it clears ALL energy but, creates a void. In protection rituals we want to rid of negative energy and keep or replace it with positivity and protection. Red Sage has a Dragon’s Blood coating, A resin used for clearing all negative energy both physical and spiritual. Simply add it!

Palo Santo

Palo Santo translated to English means “Holy Wood.” This native Peruvian plant has been used in Shamanistic practices across the ages. Palo Santo is the bringer of luck, the warding of negative or evil energy and the means to spirtual connection. With Palo Santo, rest assured that you are cleaning negative energy and putting forward your intentions of protection and positivity.

Protection Oil & Sprays

Can’t find a lighter or in a space where you can not have smoke? These are the perfect replacement. Make sure your oils and sprays say protection and or negative energy clearing before you buy.

Abolone Shell

Highly recommended choice to add to your kit! Not only is it beautiful, heat resistant but the abalone shell has been in use with traditional Indigenous rituals of purification and protection.

Fire & Flame

Lighting your smudge sticks can be tricky in outdoor use and with factors like reliablity. You want to have a system that enhances the process. Recommended indoors are intention matches or bic and torch lighters for outdoor or windy environments.