The Estes Method

The Estes Method

Communication with the other side meets the scientific experimentation. The Estes Method, aka perceptual isolation, was developed to ehance the senses and drown out unwanted feedback. The tools are simple. A spirit box, or fast scanning radio, is a must have radio device that is a medium for connection. The user wears a mask and headphones for visual and audio sensory canceling. Estes Method is not for the faint of heart! Prepare your mind to experience a different realm of existance!

The Estes Tools


The Vic Firth Stereo Isolating Heaphones, or equivalent, are designed to eliminate outer audio from the feed. You can rely on the audio evidence without question. They create a barrier up to 25 db of sound which is also at an affordable cost.

Spirit Box

The P-SBT7 from ITC Research Device is the spirit box of choice. its lightweight, compact with a lot of punch! You have varing speeds for scanning, backlight, volume control and a built in light. YDA’s weapon of choice!


Any mask will do as long as it blocks vision. As an essential piece to heighten your hearing its a must have! Make sure your mask is comfortable for long term use and sturdy to last. YDA recommends this mask simply for the price and comfort

The Estes Process

The Tools

The basic tools of the Estes Method, EMF detectors, cat balls, and protection equipment! More details on the products and protection can be found in the section Paranormal Investigative Techniques.

Before you begin all members, (2+) must use protection! Do not try this alone. Begin with your mantra bring peace and calmness with you. Let the spirits know you are there to acknowledge and mean no harm. Ask for no negative energy and you not accept negative energy at all. (refer back to the protection page for instructions)

Decide who will brave the Estes Method. One person will have the tools. While the others prepare to ask questions to keep the conversation going and or switch out.

Spirit Box Instructions:
Once the spirit box has been turned on, Choose your ideal volume and select either FM or AM and start the sweep. Hold down the sweep button and adjust to the speed that you can catch the words. This may take a minute or two. As time goes on you will be able to increase the speed so you elimate words from the radio and hear snipits of syllables instead. Why? You don’t want the words or phrases to come straight out of the radio.

Once you get comfortable with the speed plug in the headphones and put on the mask. Make sure you can not see or hear the people around you. The tool wearer will not ask questions!!! they will just call out what they hear!

The others begin by asking questions and let the conversation go where it goes. In our experience, you have to let the spirit say what it needs to and ask clarifying questions. Trying to steer the conversation doesn’t work very well. Record the session to remember if you can and if you have a speaker you can switch out the headphones so everyone can be involved.