Ghost Hunter Gear


The Tools

The basic tools of the Estes Method, EMF detectors, cat balls, and protection equipment! More details on the products and protection can be found in the section Paranormal Investigative Techniques.

Picking your tools can be overwhelming for you first kit! Save yourself some time, money and effort with our suggestions for your first hunt! From spirit boxes, emfs, cameras and more we will break down the must haves for your spirit investigations!

The MUST Haves!

Spirit Box

The P-SBT7 from ITC Research Device is the spirit box of choice. its lightweight, compact with a lot of punch! You have varing speeds for scanning, backlight, volume control and a built in light. YDA’s weapon of choice!


The K- II EMF Detector is the industry standard! Visual indications, lightweigt and easy to prop up and see in the dark! Use this in your hunts to summon responses! Don’t be fooled by knock offs get the K-11!

Cameras & Recorders

The choices are endless! From your phone, security cameras to handheld recorded and other video equipment. YDA suggests going small, lightweight, high quality with options like night vision. Make sure to get extra memory!

The Nice to Have!

Why are these the must haves? They are the basics of what you need to investigate. You can find alternative products for lesser prices, however, these have been tested to work and suit basic needs. Cameras range so go with what you are comfortable with.

Cat Balls

These lovable play things are great for pet as well as the spirits! These little balls light up when interacted with and so sensitive that its an easy win-win for communication and visual confirmation. This affordable option can take place for an EMF for the hunter on a tight budget!

Dowsing Rods

YDA started off with this cheap option. We suggest Dowsing Rods made from copper and free moving handles. Why? Copper is more conductive and you want to make sure you are not effecting the pull. Caution: Water sources will effect these so be wary of pipelines.

Cameras & Recorders

Light and power needs to be both portable and plugable. You want to make sure anything hooked up will not fail you on the hunt. Spirits are know to tap into enegry so light it up and plug it in! Besides batteries, glash lights and power cords here is our suggestion from the field called Halos.

Why are these the nice to haves? The compliment, add visuals to recordings, and just give you more options and make your hunts more effective. They are mix and match and of course you can find alternatives.