It all began one cold winter day... Two ghoulish horror lovers crossed each others way.

The bond was set in tombstone with bats, ghosties and eerie moans.

From that day these badass bitches used their crafts to enchant you with spirit based niches!

A creation of mad science, lightning and deadly devine, Frankie has risen to a creature of phantasmic design.
Bonded with shadows, precognition and insighting a mob. this supernatural lady dazzles us with wit and the macabre. Follow her voice and join our creepy crew.
Laugh at her jokes until you turn blue!

Dark and mysterious her origins unknown. Strange and unsusal down to the bone. Vampy and gloomy with a twist of devil charm. Tish may seem insidious but she means you no harm. Quiet and subtle her words can cause a twitch. Learning all kinds of magick with a grin like a witch!